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The Gaming Guide

A Guide for Choosing Simracing Hardware



Many people are joining simulated or sim racing as beginners. And most of them find out that their present computer set up is not enough to run sim racing at a satisfactory performance level.


The following is a guide you can use for choosing simracing hardware - may you be looking for parts or ready-built gaming machines.


If you are racing on a PC, you need to look into the simulated racing requirements for the best computer performance. In most cases, these games require high speed, multi core central processing units. They also require recent model video cards because older video cards would render poor performance. You will likewise need a reliable motherboard with specific features. And then there is the memory sticks - you will need at least 4 gigabytes of RAM. And the requirements do not stop with RAM. You also need to check the hard disk space, as well as the power supply unit that you would not want to skim on, the computer case that allows good air flow for better cooling, longer life and better performance, and of course, the kind of operating system you will be running on.


Now, if you will be racing on a gaming console, you will not have much of a problem looking for simracing hardware because most game console manufacturers feature their own sim racing gear. So it would not be difficult for you to find a sim racing steering wheel and pedals. You simply need to look for these peripherals based on the kind of gaming console you are playing on. Read about more gaming information at


Yes, it is quite possible for you to race using your gaming console controller. However, with all the throttling, braking and steering you need to do you will end up in a lot of finicky situations. This is why it is best that you grab some proper Fanatec PS4 steering wheel and pedals. And if you're thinking you will get faster with more expensive devices, this would not always be the case.


The price tags of your input devices rarely dictate the kind of performance you will have. What this means is that you should not settle for the cheapest nor should you rely heavily on the most expensive ones. What you need to do is to look for steering wheels and pedals that are within your price range and gives the most force feedback. This by far one important tip you should always have in mind when choosing sim racing hardware and parts. Read Logitech G920 Review here!